Varieties S - W

Spring Supreme

A truly multiflowering variety with upto 100 buds per plant.

Supreme in every way, this variety could not be better named!

Bred specifically for one litre pots, plant growth covers the pot nicely giving real value for money.

Available now in six colours with the new addition of Lilac -

Spring Supreme Lilac

Brilliant new colour to our Supreme series - Lilac

Spring Titan

What a looker! Titan is our vigorous large flowered series (grandiflora if you like!).

Five fantastic colours with more to come, all very large strong petals.

Plants are full and strong filling a two litre pot perfectly.

Why not try Titan Yellow & White together as a brilliant combination -


Shades of Blue through White with stripy flower markings, great for added value pots and containers, there will always be a percentage of solid Whites and Blues, nice clean plant, flowering February.

Sunburst Series

This is the upgraded Sunburst series, new colours with more to come, all with a large Yellow centre, medium sized flowers on compact plants makes Sunburst ideal for upto 10.5cm pots, possibly 1lt, and certainly 3 plants per 2lt pot.Flowering Jan/Feb.

Super Frilly

The new Super Frilly series is something we have been working on for sometime, you already know our Clotted Cream and Innocence varieties of very large flowered semi-double types, we now have a Pink and a Rose to make up a four colour family.
Super Frilly has the largest flowers available in this type and produce large robust plants ideally suited to one litre pots.

Woodland Walk

Very popular variety, shades of Pink and Rose on dark foliaged plants, suited to either packs, pots and added value litre pots, hardy making Woodland Walk a good garden and patio plant, flowering January.