Varieties A - C


Gorgeous shades of Appleblossom Pink on mid-green foliage, flowering from January, well suited to added value pots and containers - makes a great litre


A great partner to Appleblossom, large Cherry coloured flowers on full plants, perfect for one litre pot production.

Can - Can (samples only)

A brand new type of Primrose, Can-Can has large ruffled flowers covering colours from Pinks, to Reds to Oranges and some bicolours.

Strong robust plants, perfect for one litre or larger pots.

Note: you will find a small percentage of unruffled flowers.

Cheshire Life

A true hardy cottage garden plant, tough and robust, producing many spikes of bright yellow flowers from February.
Useful added value line for one litre pots but can be produced in pot sizes from 10.5cm.
Named by the high quality life style magazine Cheshire Life but available across the country.


A brilliant new introduction, neat compact plants with unique colour combinations.
Flowers have a complimentary pale Mauve backing with a combination of Blues, Creams, Yellows and Whites on the face.
They will certainly make exceptional 10.5cm pots are quite likely 1 litres, excellent for 3 plants per 2 litre pot.

Varieties E - F